The End of Swarovski Crystal Components Availability to the Public is Real, Worldwide. It is Time to Open Your Mind and Move Forward

Posted by Rhinestone Guy on 7/1/2021 to News
The End of Swarovski Crystal Components Availability to the Public is Real, Worldwide.  It is Time to Open Your Mind and Move Forward

Swarovski distribution of Crystal Components is ending worldwide. The change affects almost everyone, from the DYI crystal users and nail techs to business users. By the end of September 2021, they will stop product distribution to resellers of Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski will supply its crystals to a select number of businesses in the high-end and luxury apparel and accessories market through a few sources. The selected few businesses will go through an application process and approval by Swarovski. Once and if approved, they will agree to sign a strict legal Brand Control Agreement.  They will not be allowed to market, advertise, or label their product with any reference or connection to the Swarovski brand name or the crystals origin, example “made in Austria”. Our question to is: Why would you do that?  

With this change, our Swarovski Authorized Reseller status will end.  We can sell our existing stock until it runs out without any constraints. The depth and breadth of our Swarovski crystal stock will allow many crystal items to be available into 2022.

As part of this transition, on March 31st, 2021, Swarovski substantially reduced their catalog. Many rhinestones colors and crystal shapes were discontinued. If you need to buy a specific Swarovski Color or Product, be sure to buy in enough quantities to complete your project as the goods may not be available later.

We suggest that you move forward and support your resellers and the brands that let you market your creations how you wish.

We are one of the largest Preciosa® Authorized Partners and worked with Preciosa crystal products for many years. We always believed the Preciosa crystals are equal or better in quality and sparkle to the Swarovski stones at a better price.  

The Maxima stones by Preciosa feature the latest technology in crystals’ creation.  In our professional opinion, the Maxima rhinestones outperform Swarovski’s rhinestones

We also developed an affordable selection of RG (Rhinestone Guy) private label branded products. So, you do have choices.

Most colors and products will cross over to the Preciosa® Maxima and VIVA crystals and Rhinestone Guy’s branded products. Our professional staff will be happy to help you with color choices, shape alternatives and project planning. Please call us or check the online Swarovski to Preciosa colors crossover chart.

Rhinestone Guy shifted its resources to products that would support you in the future. We prepared for this change since the first announcement. We strengthen our Preciosa crystals and RG Branded Crystal Product lines:

  • We brought in the complete line of Preciosa® Maxima flat back rhinestones, which we found to be amazing. The hot fix version is available in Crystal and Crystal AB with future expansion of colors. They feature spectacular facets and precision cut from the smallest to the largest stones. The rhinestones, with up to 18 facets give a better flash and sparkle.
  • We expanded our Preciosa VIVA stones that we have been carrying for many years and added more sizes and colors both flat back and hot fix.
  • We expanded the Preciosa VIVA and Maxima flat back crystal shapes and sew on stones; and
  • We expanded our line of Rhinestone Guy Crystals, Bright Choice flat back rhinestones and RG Premium products. Bringing many small crystal luxury shapes in fantastic colors

We ask that you:

  • Open your mind, Swarovski was never the only option.  Learn about Preciosa (To learn about the company, click here) and other product lines.
  • If you are a business owner, take pride in your work and products you create.  Teach your customers.  They should not buy from you because of the brand of stones you use.  They should buy from you because of the quality, the value, and service you provide.  They want the sparkle and quality work at great prices. 
  • Support the businesses and resellers that serviced you throughout the years.
  • Invest in brands, like Preciosa, that will allow you to market your products freely, without legal agreements.

Thank you for your business and support

& Remember to Sparkle Up with Style

The Rhinestone Guy Team