Rhinestones - Pointed Back

Preciosa Maxima ChatonPreciosa®, Round Pointed Back Crystals, are precision cut rhinestones designed to be used in Jewelry making in place of diamonds. They are 3 dimensional and are foiled backed for extra reflection. Point back rhinestones are available in many graduating sizes, from really tiny ones to larger ones.  Sizing start at PP sizes and go to SS sizes. PP (Pearl Plate) is a method of sizing originally used for pearls. These measurements have size variances. See size chart.  If you are repairing an item, do not guess the size you may need to go to a jeweler to get the precise size.

Preciosa's round and fancy stones are premium quality components that feature exceptional brilliance, clarity and precision. They serve as the standard for brilliance and quality worldwide.  Don't settle for less, chose the best. 

We bring you the top of the line, the flagship chaton of Preciosa, the Maxima Chaton, Art 431-11-615.  The most technologically advances chaton crystals in the market.  The Maxima Chaton stones feature 15 precision cut facets and are an upgrade to the Preciosa Optima Chaton round stones that have 8 facets.  We bring you selected popular sizes in Crystal and Crystal AB.  Non-stock sizes and available colors can be ordered for you by special order, in full factory package increments.  You will need to call us for pricing and availability.

Note:  Swarovski pointed back stones are being phased out.