Business to Business

Due to our continued growth and increased buying power, we now offer qualified business customers, a business to business option for further discounts. Rhinestone Guy Professionals (RGPros).

The business to business division is available to all eligible customers, including resellers.

The B2B program is designed and benefits High Volume Buyers / Year round Buyers / Buyer willing to stock, as B2B customers commit to purchase ONLY full factory packages on the RG Pros website.

Business to Business Customers must maintain an annual purchase volume to keep their account open. The current minimum annual purchase volume is $2,500.00 / year and is subject to change at our discretion.

B2B buyers must be registered, provide verifiable documentation and be approved prior to be granted a full B2B account access. Register HERE and follow instructions.

To qualify for a business account you MUST have a resale certificate in the state you domicile in or a tax exempt certificate within your state; All document must be current and verifiable.

As each business is unique, we will be happy to assist you in selecting your best option based on your business needs. So please call to discuss.

Rhinestone Guy versus Rhinestone Guy Professionals

Ability to Purchase Partial Packages
(Example: 1 Dozen, 1 Gross, 1/2 Gross...)

Rhinestone Guy - YES RG Pros - NO

Illustration of Purchase - same items:

Rhinestone Guy

1 Gross SS20 Jonquil AB
10 Gross SS20 Crystal AB
2 Gross SS16 Crystal AB
1 Dozen 18x10.5 Crystal AB Sew On Pears

Total: $181.54 + Free Priority Mail Shipping

RG Pros:

10 Gross SS20 Jonquil AB
10 Gross SS20 Crystal AB
10 Gross SS16 Crystal AB
6 Dozen 18x10.5 Crystal AB Sew On Pears

Total: $283.93 + Pay for Shipping

Some Additional Differences:
Rhinestone Guy
Full Package Discounts: Yes, Extremely Competitive Published Prices
Free Shipping: Yes, Orders over $100.xx free USPS priority mail shipping (US Only)
Shopping: Online OR On Phone, We love to help
Registration: No Documentation Required, unless you are in Florida and have a resale certificate - you we do not charge you sales taxes.
Sales / Clearance: Expanded Sales' items

RG Pros

Full Package Discounts: Yes
Free Shipping: NO, regardless of orders' value
Shopping: Online Only
Registration: Required, must register and provide proof of business, resale certificates, subject to approval

Sales / Clearance: limited to items on RG Pros website.