RG Crystal Candy Cabochons ***NEW!

RG 2090 Crystal Class CabochonRG Crystal Candy  Cabochons Color ClusterRG Crystal Candy Crystal Cabochons (art. 2090) are half round cabochons are a convex, glass jewels with smooth surface that is highly polished, and feature specialty coating creating a beautiful effect and reflection. The cabochons are flat back and can be glued or mounted (tiffany mounts or rim sets).  A great addition for any design and nail art, these beautiful cabochons will create rain drop effects that are super sparkly.   The Crystal Candy Cabochons are available in 3 graduating sizes:  SS10 (3mm), SS16 (4mm) and SS20 (5mm).  They are available in an assortment of colors and will compliment any creative design.

Crystal Cabochons Size Chart