Swarovski Important News

Posted by Rhinestone Guy on 11/22/2020 to News
Swarovski is in the process of a worldwide realignment of their business model shifting their focus to the luxury market segment. As part of their new strategic direction, Swarovski will limit the distribution and supply of crystal components to a few branding partners. This is a global transition and will affect all Swarovski re-sellers and distributors. The phase out will occur over several months. Certain products will be removed from the catalog by the end of this year with the balance phasing out through 2021.
We will continue to bring in and carry the Swarovski product line in a selective manner based on product availability. We have a great stock of Swarovski Crystals in our warehouse and will continue their distribution until stock is no longer available. We have been a proud Swarovski Partner for many years, and we are saddened by this change.
However, the show and sparkle will go on.
For a long time, we have been a top Preciosa authorized partner. We carry a large assortment of their crystal components at fantastic prices to keep you sparkling. We also offer our private lines of Flat Back Bright Choice crystals and Hot Fix RG Premium crystals as additional alternatives for your rhinestone and crystal needs.
We will be shifting our focus and further strengthening the stock of Preciosa Crystal components and our own lines of products. We encourage you to start shifting to the Preciosa Crystal line and our other high-quality crystal lines. We are here for you if you need us, so please reach out to us with any questions, concerns and for assistance.
Thank you for your business and remember to Sparkle Up with Style.
Rhinestone Guy Team