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Hotel Anybody

Preciosa® Hotel Anybody, Innovation AW2023, launch brings a new Crystal Color Technology from Preciosa Crystal - we call it
The new Preciosa Mesmera color is something we have not seen before. A stone color that changes colors based on the lighting. It is just so different, like a mood ring. Developed by Preciosa with the Czech Academy of Sciences, the crystal contains a rare earth metal that causes the crystals to appear differently under natural and synthetic light wavelengths. 

The color is available in both a standard color and an AB coated version, in both the Preciosa Maxima Line and the Preciosa VIVA line. They are available in No Hot Fix format, as well as Hotfix format. You can only explain it with photos. It is just amazing. These stones will call for a creative mind that can see beyond the obvious and see the possibilities.
Preciosa Mesmera Standard Color Preciosa Crystals Mesmera AB

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