Pearls - Flat Back & Hot Fix

Imitation pearls will add sophistication, texture and luxury to any design. They are classic representing polish and poise yet can be worn in a trendy fashion.

Pearl materials vary. Swarovski pearls are made of a crystal core that is coated with a beautifully silky-smooth pearly sheen surface. Other pearls are made of composite, such as acrylic pearls. Flat back pearls come in different heights, some are shallower, some are half dome and some are a bit taller. All can be glued. Those designated hotfix, can be applied with hot fixing techniques.

Rhinestone Guy's Pearl Cabochons - Flat Back & Hot Fix

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Just added to our collection of Acrylic Pearls, Crowned Pearls and dainty Pearl Shapes, navettes, tear drops and triangles.

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