Tiffany Mounts and Rim Sets

Tiffany Mount and Rim Set Illustrationstiffany mounts and rim setMounts are used to decorate garment by "holding" the crystals, rhinestones or jewels in place with a metal style settings. They are popular with the Show Horse and Country Western sets, Ice Skating costumes where loss of stones is dangerous (on ice), dog collars, jeans jackets and pockets, or where a specific 'look' is required. Great for costumes that take a beating. Two styles of mounts are available: Tiffany Mounts and Rim Sets. Each creates a different look. When mounting rhinestones/jewels to leather, longer "legs" of mounts will be required and you may need to pre-punch leg holes in thicker leathers.

  • Tiffany mounts, come from the back of the material, through the fabric, and then the prongs wrap over the stone's surface to hold it in place. [caution, as the prongs are exposed, on the finished side of the material, they should not be used where snagging of adjacent fabrics is possible.
  • Rim sets, like their name, create a "rim" cover, over the crystals. They come from the top, outside of the fabric, over the stone, through the fabric and the prongs are "closed" on the inside of the fabric, while they create a ring around the stone. A lining inside, after application, will create a finished look as well as prevent inside snagging on other fabrics, skin, etc.
We carry stock of tiffany and rim settings to complement the rhinestones and flat back jewels we carry in stock.