Preciosa Crystal Faerie for Nail Art

New Preciosa Regal Faerie
Preciosa® Crystal Faerie products brings a new and exciting level to nail design. The Preciosa Crystal Faerie outshines the Swarovski Crystal Pixie.  The most favorite color, the Crystal AB Crystal Faerie is called Unicon Tears and it is a better exchange, for the Swarovski Cute Mood (that has been discontinued.)

Made from Preciosa's Bohemian Crystal, the Crystal Faerie features crystal double-cones and crystal balls that are shaped and polished to create dazzling effects. The double-cones create a large surface area to ensure highest brilliance and brightest shine.  Rhinestone Guy brings you the Crystal Faerie in 10 Grams Bottles and the most popular Crystal AB color and 3 amazing metallic colors covering you for every occasion or color.  Wholesale, 100 Gram super bulk bag is also available.

The Regal Faerie features Cubic Zirconia crystals in clear crystals, sized, shaped and polished to create an unparalleled diamond like brilliance.  The Regal Faerie comes in a 12 Gram Bottle and a super bag on 120 Grams, wholesale bag.