Preciosa® Regal Faerie - Ice Queen <b>(Cubic Zirconia)</b> - Crystal
Preciosa® Regal Faerie - Ice Queen (Cubic Zirconia) - Crystal

Preciosa® Regal Faerie - Ice Queen (Cubic Zirconia) - Crystal

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Ice Queen (Cubic Zirconia - Crystal)
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As Close to Diamonds as you can get!  Cubic Zirconia Regal Faerie (pixie) for Nails!  

Preciosa® Regal Faerie features petite, faceted Cubic Zirconia crystals that have been sized, shaped and polished to create an amazing sparkle.  

The Ice Queen Regal Faerie like its name is clear crystal.  The tiny crystal stones create unparalleled brilliance of diamond like quality.  It is elegant, stylish, and refined.  

This is a fantastic additional for the nail art professional that would elevate any design.

The Regal Faerie is available in a 12 Gram Bottle as well as a 120 Gram Super Bulk Bag.

An Exclusive Preciosa product, the Ice Queen Regal Faerie adds a crystal clear color to the Preciosa Crystal Faerie line.  

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Crystal - Cubic Zirconia


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