RG Rhinestud Hot Fix  - Gold
RG Rhinestud Hot Fix - Gold

RG Rhinestud Hot Fix - Gold

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2mm - 10 Gross (1,440 Pieces) (+$2.99)
3mm - 10 Gross (1,440 Pieces) (+$4.29)
4mm - 10 Gross (1,440 Pieces) (+$8.79)
5mm - 10 Gross (1,440 Pieces) (+$16.99)

Rhinestuds, or faceted nailheads, are hot fix, iron on, light metal flat back nailheads.  They are beveled, solid in color and polished for reflection and shine.   Rhinestuds are great alternative for large production transfers where count is high due to their excellent price point (price / gross).  

The nailheads feature heat activated glue on their underside for hot fix and transfer applications, but of course they can be glued. 

We carry them in three graduating sizes 2mm (SS6) to 5mm(SS20).    

Size Reference (not to scale):
rhinestud color chart

For Quantities 50 Gross and up, additional wholesale discounts are available ~ Call Us for pricing

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Gold - Shiny Finish


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