RGSX Sew On Classic Square - Jet (UF) - CLEARANCE  - <b>Lots</b>
RGSX Sew On Classic Square - Jet (UF) - CLEARANCE - Lots

RGSX Sew On Classic Square - Jet (UF) - CLEARANCE - Lots

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Rhinestone Guy (RG) Premium (flatback) Sew On Classic Square are large geometrically faceted crystals with 2 holes drilled on each side for sewing. The Classic Square shaped Jet stones feature high-shine finish for extra reflection. Rhinestone shapes are great for added design, style and sparkle.

The Classic Square is 26x26mm, approx. 1 inches.  It is spectacular. 

Extra grade means:

  • Expect some minor inclusions and / or imperfections;
  • And/or small scratches you could not see a few feet away.

While supply lasts; Unbelievable Value!   Limited Supply.

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Jet (Black)


UF = Unfoiled