Preciosa® Maxima Flat Back Round Rhinestones - Mesmera - Color Shift Technology
preciosa maxima denim rhinestone

Preciosa® Maxima Flat Back Round Rhinestones - Mesmera - Color Shift Technology

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SS5 (1.8mm)
SS7 (2.2mm)
SS9 (2.6mm)
SS12 (3.2mm)
SS16 (4mm)
SS20 (4.7mm)
SS30 (6.4mm)
SS34 (7.2mm)

The Mesmera rhinestones feature a new Color Shift Technology.  Developed by Preciosa with the Czech Academy of Science the stones contain a rare mineral that causes the color shift.  As a result, like a mood ring, the stones change colors under different light conditions. The color changes from purple, to green, to pale blue.  See the photo.  

Maxima Flat Back Rhinestones are the latest most upscale premium crystals from Preciosa®. The patented faultless precision machine cut (15 to 18 facets) crystals feature perfect geometry.  They are optimized to allow maximum dispersion of light.  With a unique combination of larger and smaller facets, reflecting 264 unique rays of light, the Maxima crystals create beautiful shimmering effects – the highest available on the market.  

This Stone Color changes under different light conditions.  

Maxima Crystal Flat Back Rhinestones are available in graduating sizes SS5 up to SS34 with varying facets based on the crystal size designed to create and produce the same sparkle effect. 

They can be glued to various materials such as fabrics, wood, metal and plastic.  They are used in many industries for costumes, dance, dancesport, skating, equestrian, show clothes, and crafts.   The can also be applied to fabrics with rim or tiffany settings / mounts. 

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Mesmera - Different Colors under Different Lights


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