Preciosa® Maxima Pure Flat Back Round Rhinestones - Crystal - <b>Unfoiled</b> - Special Production
Preciosa® Maxima Pure Flat Back Round Rhinestones - Crystal - Unfoiled - Special Production

Preciosa® Maxima Pure Flat Back Round Rhinestones - Crystal - Unfoiled - Special Production

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Maxima Flat Back Rhinestones are the latest most upscale premium crystals from Preciosa®. The Maxima crystals produce unparalleled lead-free* brilliance and sparkle. These state-of-the-art components use the most advanced crystal technologies to create a unique combination of sparkling material and dazzling patented cut.   The most advanced technology on the market today.

These special production stones are un-foiled. Unfoiled rhinestones are different from foiled rhinestones. The lack of a foil back has them capture and reflect light differently. A regular foiled rhinestones has an inside foil that acts as a mirror, so the light enters in and reflect back off the mirror. With an un foiled crystal, the light passes through the stone picking up the material color that is underneath it and further reflecting of the surface.  In the standard Crystal color the effect would be a beautiful subtle clear raindrop effect with a hint of the color from underneath.  

The patented faultless precision machine cut (15 to 18 facets) crystals feature perfect geometry.  They are optimized to allow maximum dispersion of light.  With a unique combination of larger and smaller facets, reflecting 264 unique rays of light, the Maxima crystals create beautiful shimmering effects – the highest available on the market.  

These top of the line Genuine Czech Crystal™ stones are available in graduating sizes.  Each size features its unique specific cut designed to produce the same sparkle effect.

Preciosa Lead Free BrillianceMAXIMA by Preciosa® is 100% made in the Czech Republic.  The crystals are manufactured in accordance with the highest environmental and sustainable practices.

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