Preciosa 301B Flat back Baguette<br> - Jet  - <b>5x2.5mm</b>
Preciosa 301B Flat back Baguette
- Jet - 5x2.5mm

Preciosa 301B Flat back Baguette
- Jet - 5x2.5mm

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Czech Preciosa Flat Back Baguettes are geometric rectangle crystals with a flat table top and angled facets at the edge. The rhinestone shapes are silver foiled for for extra reflection, except for the Jet, which is un-foiled, but highly polished for excellent shine.

They are available in 5x2.5mm in Crystal, Crystal AB and Jet. They are small, flat back, with a height of approx. a 20ss rhinestones. As such they can be used for high-detail, intricate designs and nail art. .

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Jet (Black)


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