Preciosa Art 1685 Earth Matrix<br> Oval Glass Cabochons (UF)  - <b>Clearance</b>
Preciosa Art 1685 Earth Matrix
Oval Glass Cabochons (UF) - Clearance

Preciosa Art 1685 Earth Matrix
Oval Glass Cabochons (UF) - Clearance

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Preciosa Oval Glass Matrix cabochons are made of glass by hand to look like actual gemstones. They are not foiled and no two are alike.  As a result, the stones also have color variations just like in nature. They are half domed, polished & smooth with high shine. The glass cabochons can be glued or mounted with tiffany or rim sets. 

The Round Turquoise Matrix cabochons come in graduating sizes from 10x8mm up to 25x18mm (almost an inch).

Preciosa 1685 Oval Matric Turquoise Cabochons

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UF = Unfoiled


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