Swarovski Crystalpixie™ for Nails

When is comes to Nail Art Swarovski Crystals lead the field.  From rhinestones, to crystal shapes and the CrystalPixie, the company collaborates with top designers to bring fashion, style and unmatched crystal brilliance to your manicures and pedicures.  CrystalPixie will dazzle your nails or nail designs.  Swarovski crystal and nail art designs glitter across Hollywood, fashion runways, red carpet events inspiring talented individuals to create extraordinary nail art designs.  Nail art is created by using individual products or by assembling a combination of Swarovski Crystals flat back stones, rhinestone shapes, small fancy stones and small pointed back crystals, pearls and their latest innovation, Swarovski CrystalPixie for nails.  The CrystalPixie is available in three types:  Petite, Bubble and Edge.  Each has unique features, textures, effects and colors.  
Swarovski CrystalPixie Colors Lineup

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