Swarovski <b>Hot Fix</b> (flat back) Round Rhinestones Art. 2078 & Art. 2038<br> - Iris
Swarovski Hot Fix (flat back) Round Rhinestones Art. 2078 & Art. 2038
- Iris

Swarovski Hot Fix (flat back) Round Rhinestones Art. 2078 & Art. 2038
- Iris

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SS6 to SS10 - Art 2038
SS12 to SS34 - Art. 2078
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SS34 - (7.2mm)

Swarovski Hot Fix crystals are available in 2 style cuts based on their size.  

  • Sizes SS6 to SS10 are made exclusively in the 2038 Xilion Rose cut, a 14 facet cut stones
  • Sizes SS12 to SS34 feature the most advance cut to date, the 2078 Xirius Cut. A patented style, featuring 16 facets that creates a unique starburst shape for extreme sparkle and shine .  

Swarovski's Hot Fix, flat back, rhinestones feature a heat activated glue on the underside of the stones.  They can be applied to various materials like fabrics using a crystal hot fix tool, or a heat press.  They are used in many industries for mass production, costumes, dance, dancesport, skating, equestrian, show clothes, nail art and crafts.  Because they have a flat back, they can also be glued with proper glue and proper gluing techniques. 

Swarovski Advanced Crystal
Swarovski 2078 Xirius Hot Fix Rhinestones are made of "Advanced Crystal" and are lead free* and compliant with international standards

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