Swarovski Rhinestones & Crystal Shapes Hot Fix

Swarovski Hot Fix rhinestones are loose crystal shapes featuring a flat back with a pre-coated heat activate glue on the back (underside) of the rhinestone. The stones are designed to be applied with a heat press machine, or heat applicator tools. They feature platinum foiling on the back for extra reflection. The stones are available in a variety of shapes, in a variety of colors and sizes. The most popular of the Hot Fix crystals are the Swarovski Round Rhinestones Xilion Rose 2038 and the Xirius Rose 2078.Rhinestone shapes are great for added design, style and sparkle. The shapes can be integrated with your rhinestone work to create unusual patterns and unique style.

We can sell our Swarovski Stock until we run out!

Preciosa Maxima, Preciosa VIVA and RG Crystals are Great Alternatives