Swarovski Geometric Shapes

Swarovski Kites Art 2771Geometric shapes put together can create exciting designs. They add unity and balance. Swarovski's crystal geometric rhinestone shapes are designed to work together by placing them close together. They are classic and versatile with simple yet sparkling cuts. The Swarovski geometric crystals are availalbe in multitude of sizes and a great selection of colors. Here are some concepts we put together.

The geometric shapes include Art 2771 Kite, Art 2772 Trapeze, Art 2773 Diamond. We incorporated with them the Squares, Art 2400.

Swarovski Geometric Shapes Concept 2Swarovski Kite, Trapeze and pyramid concept
swarovski kites and trapeze conceptSwarovski Trapeze and Square Pyramid crystals
Swarovski trapeze square and kite concept

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Swarovski Kites, Art 2771Swarovski 2772 Trapeze ShapesSwarovski Art 2773 DiamondSwarovski 2400 Squares

Swarovski 2774 and 2775 PentagonsSwarovski Hexagons


Here is a concept of Geometric Shapes with RG Turquoise Cabochons
Swarovski Geometric Shapes with Turquoise Triangle Cabochons