Swarovski Crystal Pixie <b><u>Petite</b></u> 5 gram - Cute Mood (Crystal AB)
Swarovski Crystal Pixie Petite 5 gram - Cute Mood (Crystal AB)

Swarovski Crystal Pixie Petite 5 gram - Cute Mood (Crystal AB)

Price per Package/Unit $22.49

5 Gram Bottle

Add sparkle to your manicure or pedicure with Swarovski CrystalPixie Petite. CrystalPixie Petite can be used by itself or incorporated with Swarovski rhinestones, crystal shapes, and more to create unique designs. Let your imagination go. Application instruction below or in each package. Can be used with Regular Nail polish application or Gel Application.  Different nail polish colors will revel the full effect and beauty of the crystals. 

The 5 Gram Bottle comes with Instruction leaflet and a funnel.  It can create approximately 25 nail designs.

CrystalPixie™ petite features hundreds of cut crystals in the smallest sizes (loose Crystal Fabric PP3 - 1.5mm) for maximum sparkle and limitless creative expression. The hundreds of tiny crystals in Crystalpixie create a mesmerizing effect like fingers dipped in stardust. Crystalpixie is perfect for application by in-salon professionals and for creating endless fun DIY looks at home.

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Petite - 5 Gram Bottle