Swarovski Flat Back Round Rhinestones Art. 2088 - Crystal AB - <b>Unfoiled</b>
Swarovski Flat Back Round Rhinestones Art. 2088 - Crystal AB - Unfoiled

Swarovski Flat Back Round Rhinestones Art. 2088 - Crystal AB - Unfoiled

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Swarovski Crystal AB Unfoiled RhinestoneSwarovski 2088 Flat Back crystals lead the rhinestone industry.  The patented 2088 Xirius cut Flatback Rhinestone features 16 facets creating a unique starburst shape for extreme sparkle and shine. These special production stones are un-foiled. Unfoiled rhinestones are different from foiled rhinestones. The lack of a foil back has them capture and reflect light differently. A regular foiled rhinestones has an inside foil that acts as a mirror, so the light enter in and reflect back off the mirror. With an unfoiled crystal, the light pass through the stone picking up the material color that is underneath it and further reflecting of the surface, in the Swarovski Crystal AB, the AB coating.  Please review the photos.   

Swarovski 2088 rhinestones are available in sizes from SS12 up to SS48.  Smaller sizes SS5 to SS10 are made exclusively in the 2058 Xilion Rose cut.  They can be glued to various materials such as fabrics, wood, metal and plastic.  They are used in many industries for costumes, dance, dancesport, skating, equestrian, show clothes, and crafts.   The can also be applied to fabrics with rim or tiffany settings. 

Swarovski Advanced Crystal
Swarovski 2088 Xirius Flatback Rhinestones are made of "Advanced Crystal" and are lead free* and compliant with international standards.

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Crystal AB


UF = Unfoiled


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