Swarovski Spike Art. 6480 Pendants - CLEARANCE

Swarovski 6480 Spike Pendant DiagramSwarovski Spike Pendants Rainbow DarkSwarovski Art. 6480 Spike Pendant is a tall geometric Triangle featuring a precision cut multi faceted rock edge design inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier. These spikes can be used in jewelry designs. 

The Spike pendants are relatively flat for a 3 dimensional stone and its larger size make it popular in western wear, ballroom, ice skating and costume adornment. 

The 6480 Spikes are available in 3 graduating sizes (from approximately 3/4 inch tall to 1 1/2 inch tall).   Additional colors are available by special order.

Swarovski 6480 Spike Pendant 18mmSwarovski 6480 Spike Pendant 28mmSwarovski 6480 39mm Spike Pendant