Swarovski Tear Drop Art. 6000 Pendants

Swarovski Art 6000 Drop ChartSwarovski Art. 6000 is table cut, crystal, tear drop shaped multi-faceted pendant.

Swarovski Crystals tear drops can be sewn onto costumes. They can be used as hanging accents, like edges of scarves, table clothes, and more. You can create unbelievable fringe effects for gowns, ballroom and ice skating dresses. They can also be used for fine jewelry for earrings and necklaces, bracelets, etc...
The 6000 Drop Pendant is available in 4 graduating sizes.  We stock Crystal and Crystal AB, selected colors (mostly in 11x5.5mm) are available by special order.

Swarovski Art 6000 Crystal Sizes Swarovski Art 6000 Crystal AB Sizes