Swarovski 3200 Rivoli Sew On Crystals - 50% Off Clearance Sale

Swarovski 3200 Sew On Stones DiagramSwarovski 3200 Scarabaeus GreenSwarovski 3200 Sew On Rivolis are flat back crystals with 2 holes drilled on each side for sewing. They are faceted all the way around and come to a point at the center of the stone. The 3200 Rivolis feature foil on the back of the stone for extra reflection. Sewing jewels are great for added style and sparkle. The Sew On Rivolis are available in sizes ranging from 10mm to 18mm.  We carry them in Crystal and Crystal AB in all sizes. We stock selected colors in 12mm.  Other colors, or colors in different sizes are available by Special Order, please call.  

Swarovski 3200 Sew On (flatback) Rivoli Rhinestones are made of "Advanced Crystal" and are lead free and compliant with international standards.

Swarovski 3200 Rivoli Sew On 10mmSwarovski 3200 Rivoli Sew On 12mmSwarovski 3200 Rivoli Sew On 14mmSwarovski 3200 Rivoli Sew On 16mmSwarovski 3200 Rivoli Sew On 18mm