Swarovski 2709 Rhombus  Flatback -Amethyst
Swarovski 2709 Rhombus Flatback -Amethyst

Swarovski 2709 Rhombus Flatback -Amethyst

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Swarovski 2709 Rhombus is a chunky multifaceted diamond rhinestone shape.  It is silver foiled for extra reflection.  Rhinestone shapes are great for added design, style and sparkle. 

Swarovski 2709 Diamond (Rhombus) crystals are available in 10x6mm and 13x8mm.  The smaller of the two is very popular in nail art.  They can be glued to various materials and surfaces such as fabrics, wood, metal and plastic.  They are used in many industries for nail design, costumes, dance, dancesport, skating, equestrian, show clothes, and crafts. 

Swarovski Advanced Crystal
Swarovski 2709 Rhombus flat back Rhinestones are made of "Advanced Crystal" and are lead free* and compliant with international standards.

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