Swarovski Art 2364(x)<br>Swarovski Art 2365(y)<br>Flat Back Paisley - Crystal - <b>Clearance Sale</b>
Swarovski Art 2364(x)
Swarovski Art 2365(y)
Flat Back Paisley - Crystal - Clearance Sale

Swarovski Art 2364(x)
Swarovski Art 2365(y)
Flat Back Paisley - Crystal - Clearance Sale

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Swarovski Paisley Shapes have multitude of facets. They are flatback and feature a foil back, for extra sparkle and shine.  The paisley shaped crystals were designed to create intriguing patterns.  They are available in two directions X (Art 2364) and Y (Art 2365), a mirror image.  The mirror image feature is excellent for designs that require a left and a right pairing.   Some example are earrings, western wear, showmanship shirts, shoes and nail art.  Of course they can be used to create running patterns, with left and right.  Their unique curved shape allows for incorporation of other shapes with them.   

Since they are left and right, we chose to bring them to you in equal quantities.  

  • A Dozen will have 6 pieces of each size.

The paisleys can be glued with proper gluing application to different surfaces and are ideals for textile and jewelry designs. You can use them to create a centerpiece elements, button covers, eyewear, accessories or create beautiful necklines, faux buttons.  The small paisleys will be fantastic for nail art.

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6x3.7mm to 14x8.5mm