Swarovski 2088/I Rimmed Rhinestones

Swarovski Rimmed Rhinestone 2088i DiagramSwarovski Rimmed RhinestonesSwarovski Rimmed Rhinestones feature a rhinestone with a special metallic coating around the bottom edge creating the illusion of a "rim" around the stone. This "rim" is part of the stone (not an actual rim) Available in Crystal, Jet and Light Siam, with either Dorado (goldish rim) or Light Chrome (silvery rim). 

The rimmed crystals are available in 16ss, 20ss (Flat Back) and 34ss (Hot Fix-you can always glue).  

Swarovski 2088I Rimmed Rhinestones are made of "Advanced Crystal" and are lead free and compliant with international standards.

Swarovsi 2088i Rimmed rhinestone SS16Swarovsi 2088i Rimmed rhinestone SS20