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Swarovski 2078 Xirius Rose Hot Fix rhinestones are the latest style of flat back rhinestones created by the leading rhinestone manufacturer and standard setter in the industry. According to Swarovski: "The Xirius Crystal Collection takes crystal one step closer to the diamond...". The Xirius cut is an upgrade to the 2038 rhinestones and is the most popular Swarovski flat back rhinestone. The Xirius cut rhinestones feature 16 facets, a small tabletop and from the top appear like a star. They are available in a large range of colors. Colors are available in most, but not all colors. Swarovski 2038 and 2078 feature a heat activated glue on the back of the stone for easy hot fix application.

The Xirius Rose cut is only available in the larger sizes of SS12 to SS40 standard Swarovski rhinestones. Rhinestones in smaller sizes, 6ss to 10ss, are available in Style 2038. The Flat Back version of these rhinestones are the 2058 Xilion and 2088 Xirius Rose.

The Xirius rose and the Xilion rose rhinestones are made using new ADVANCED CRYSTAL standards creating a patented lead free* (*Crystal Glass and all other materials containing 0.009% lead or less.) rhinestone with the Swarovski sparkle and variety.

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