Swarovski 2034 Concise Rhinestones - Clearance Sale

Swarovski Art 2034 Concise DiagramSwarovski Concise versus Swarovsk 2088 RhinestoneSwarovski 2034 Concise Flat Back Rhinestone is a specialty cut flat back rhinestone.  The crystal is backed with platinum foiling for extra brilliance and protection. In comparison to the Swarovski 2088 Xirius and 2058 Xilion rose rhinestones the concise crystals have a simpler cut, shallower, with a great larger table top, giving them a "mirror" like sparkle.  We carry the SS48 size which is approx. 11mm (almost 1/2 an inch).   Swarovski 2034 Concise Rhinestones are made of "Advanced Crystal" and are lead free and compliant with international standards.