Preciosa Art 3010, 2H, Sew On Rhinestone (Chaton Rose)

Preciosa Sew On Chaton Rose RhinestonesPreciosa®, Art 3010, Chaton Rose, sew on Rhinestones, are larger flat back rhinestone shaped round crystals with 2 holes on either side designed for sewing application.   Larger stones are more secure when sewn on versus glued.  These sew on stones are the cross over, alternative, to the Swarovski Art 3288 stones.

They are available in Crystal and Crystal AB in 8mm and 10mm. 

They are foil back and are super sparkly and beautifully machine cut to precision.  We sell these by the Dozen or by the Box (discounted).

Sewing jewels are great for added style and the center for sewing.  They can be attached to fabric through the holes using a mono-filament thread or regular thread, or with a professional sewing machine. 

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