Rim Sets for Rhinestones -<br>Standard Legs - Silver
Rim Sets for Rhinestones -
Standard Legs - Silver

Rim Sets for Rhinestones -
Standard Legs - Silver

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Notice: Photos NOT to Scale, Leg Count may vary if you need something specific, ask before you purchase
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SS16 -1 Gross (144 Pieces) (+$2.99)
SS20 -1 Gross (144 Pieces) (+$3.89)
SS30 -1 Gross (144 Pieces) (+$4.99)
SS34 -1 Gross (144 Pieces) (+$6.29)
SS40 -1 Gross (144 Pieces) (+$6.79)
SS48 - 1/2 Gross (72 Pieces) (+$5.49)
SS48-1 Gross (144 Pieces) (+$9.59)
Rim Set mounts, are metal mounts, that hold rhinestones and jewels, creating an enclosed, finished look.  The rim set is set from the top, over the rhinestone, crystal, the prongs are pushed through the fabric, and than they are bent, folded inside the fabric.  The rim set frames the stone.  As the prongs are inside the fabric, if not properly set, they can scratch the skin, or a different garment (in case of a jacket), an inside lining can take care of it and also create a clean look instead of a bunch of metal pieces.  

They are available in graduating sizes up to SS48. You can mount them by hand or with a setter. They are excellent for setting Swarovski, Preciosa, and Rhinestone Guy Rhinestones.

Standard Leg rim sets can be used on regular fabrics.  Long leg, extra long leg rim sets are available for thicker fabrics.  For leather applications, a two leg extra long leg rims are also available, and will require a pre punch) 

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Silver, Nickel


SS16 to SS48

Standard Legs