RG Flat Back Luxury Rhinestone Shapes

Rhinestone Guy's (RG) private line of luxury rhinestone shapes are flat backs crystals and can be glued.  They are foiled on the back for extra reflection. These brilliant shapes are glass, not acrylic, stones, they are machine cut crystal.

Rhinestone shapes provide a great way to accent designs and create unusual patterns. Our Rivoli, Cross Cut Squares and Chessboard Square are larger.  The luxury shapes are a bit smaller and can create delicate and intricate designs.  Those are also excellent for nails and nail art. We carry them in both Crystal, Crystal AB and selected colors.

Rhinestone rhinestone shapes are a great and less expensive alternative to the Swarovski and Czech Preciosa crystal shapes.

We just expanded the Special Edition of Purple Shapes, they are now available in:

 Art 2201 Navette, 2205 Flame,2301 Pear, 2303 Jewel Cut Pear, 2404 Square, 2555 Baguette, 2602 Emerald Cut, 2719 Rhombus, 2771 Kite & 2773 Diamond