RG Studio - Sew On Pear - Clearance Sale
RG Studio - Sew On Pear - Clearance Sale

RG Studio - Sew On Pear - Clearance Sale

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RG Studio Pear Sew OnRG Studio Pear Sew On Jewels are made in Austria, home of the best crystal in the world. These uniquely cuts jewels provide and excellent flash and performance at a great price. RG Studio Sew On Pears are faceted flat back jewels with 2 holes drilled on each side for sewing. They feature foil on the back of the stones (except the Jet and Hematite) for extra reflection. Sewing jewels are great for added style and sparkle. They are available in two sizes 12x7mm (1/2 inch tall)  and 18x10.5mm (3/4 inch tall)  in Crystal, Crystal AB, Golden Shadow, Jet, Hematite and selected colors.

The Sew On Jewels feature:

  • High Brilliance
  • Precision and Differentiated Cut
  • Superior Quality
  • Reliable color consistency
  • Lead Free
  • Advance foiling
  • Made in Austria

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