RG Hot Fix Pearls - Kit - <b>Clearance</b>
RG Hot Fix Pearls - Kit - Clearance

RG Hot Fix Pearls - Kit - Clearance

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We created a discounted size assortment of our RG Premium Hot Fix Pearl Kits. They feature a flat back and can be hot fixed or glued.  

You will be receiving a total of 10 Gross, 1,440 Pearls, in the color your select, comprised of:

  • 3mm (10ss) Pearls - 3 Gross
  • 4 mm (16ss) Pearls - 3 Gross
  • 5mm (20ss) Pearls - 3 Gross
  • 6mm (30ss) Pearls - 1 Gross

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Blonde, Silver, Hematite or Pink


Specialty Size Kit

Geometric Shape