Preciosa Neon Colors

Preciosa­® Maxima Crystals in Neon Colors,

Feel the rhythm and come alive

East to West, neon lights brighten many cities' nights. Switch on the neon lights for high energy and extreme brilliance under the spotlights. Introducing the new Preciosa Crystal Neon Rhinestones. They come in six show-stopping colors that will glow under UV light. Available in Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple and Yellow, Flat Back (no-hotfix) only in graduating sizes SS12 to SS30.dress with preciosa neon crystals

Neon Rhinestones, Maxima Crystals

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Neon Blue
Preciosa Maxima Crystal Neon Blue
Neon Green
Preciosa Maxima Neon Green Rhinestones
Neon Orange
Preciosa Maxima Neon Orange Rhinestones
Neon Pink
Preciosa Maxima Neon Pink Rhinestones
Neon Violet
Preciosa Neon Violet Maxima Rhinestones
Neon Yellow
Preciosa Maxima Neon Yellow Rhinestones