Preciosa Chessboard Round (301CBR) Maxima Flat Back

Preciosa Maxima Chessboard Round DiagramPreciosa Chessboard Rounds Flat Back SizesPreciosa® Chessboard Round (301CBR) are flat back crystals with a curved slightly domed top featuring a multitude of square facets on its surface.  The chessboard rounds rhinestone shapes come in 4 graduating, 6mm (about 1/4 inch) up to 20mm (a bit over 3/4 inch) 

The Preciosa Maxima Chessboard Round stones feature a foiled back for extra shine and reflection, except for the Jet.  They can be glued to textiles and be used for arts and crafts.

The Maxima Chessboard Round crystal rhinestone shapes are made in the Czech Republic and are lead free.