Preciosa Diamond Rauten Cut Crystals

Preciosa Art 9239 Diamond Cut sizesPreciosa Art. 9239 Diamond Shape Crystal jewels are exquisite.   Their precision facets, geometric design with raised faceted layers, gives them height and presence.  They are an excellent choice for western wear, vests, show shirts, costumes and jewelry pieces, to name a few.  You can incorporate the two sizes for extra dimension and fun.  

They are made of pressed glass, flat back, and foiled back for extra reflection and shine.   As part of the rauten line, some colors cross over.

They come in two sizes. 16mmx10mm (almost 3/4" inch tall) or 26mmx16.5mm (about 1 Inch tall). Not all diamond shapes are available in both sizes. 

Due to global material shortages,  Rauten Cut Jewels and Medium Dome Cabochons are discontinued.  Sizes and quantities may be limited.
We suggest you call to check stock and availability prior to purchase.