Preciosa Fashion Jewelry Sew On <b>- Clearance</>
Preciosa Fashion Jewelry Sew On - Clearance

Preciosa Fashion Jewelry Sew On - Clearance

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Preciosa Fashion Jewelry Sew On feature pointed back, chaton fancy crystal stones, in Rhodium, Silver Plated brass setting. These beautiful sew ons have a single loop in the center back.  You can use them as functional or faux buttons. They can also be sewn to garments as a decorative element, like on a collar.  They are created with Preciosa Maxima chatons for extreme brilliance and elegance. 

Available in 2 different configurations:

  • Art 3001, Star, is 20mm, featuring Preciosa Maxima  8x4.8mm pears and SS18 and SS15 round chatons; and
  • Art 3004, Flower, is 23mm, featuring Precosa Maxima 8x4.8mm navettes and SS18 chatons

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Crystal and Crystal AB


Foil Back


Star 20mm and Flower 23mm

Geometric Shape