Preciosa 3025 Sew On Pear - Jet (UF) - <b>Clearance</b>
Preciosa 3025 Sew On Pear - Jet (UF) - Clearance

Preciosa 3025 Sew On Pear - Jet (UF) - Clearance

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Preciosa Art 3025 (flatback) Sew On Pears feature beautiful machine cut facets with 2 holes drilled for sewing. The Pears shaped stones feature foil on the back of the stone for extra reflection. These Rhinestone shapes are great for any project requiring sew on stones, like Irish Dresses, Ballroom Dance Dresses, Western Wear, Showmanship Shirts, Vests, Costume and more.

The Pear sew on crystals are available in 3 graduating sizes, as noted, from 12x7mm to 28x17mm.

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Jet (Black)


UF = Unfoiled


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